Fantasy Novel Orrleth Available April 2014



Fantasy Adventure novel, OrrlethThomas McClellan’s first volume in the series
AVAILABLE SOON in April 2014!

Synopsis of Orrleth, Volume One:

Driven from their home by pursuers garbed in shroud of night, Tyrus Savage and his younger brothers, Jayce and Caius, are awakened in a distant land by a whimsical girl named Myeu, and her band of misfits.  Doubting this questionable alliance and still on the run, they learn to trust one another in order to make sense of the chaos that they have all been thrown into.

Finding their new location to be that of Orrleth, a world far different from their own, the Savage siblings’ limits are tried as they adapt to the dangerous and mystical life forced upon them.

Realizing his own latent capabilities after obtaining the legendary sword, Frostsinger, Tyrus must piece together fragments of a forgotten prophecy, freeing the inhabitants of Orrleth from the bondage of a fallen government, while honing his skills to combat the tests and afflictions that stand between him and his return home.


About the Author, Thomas McClellan
Purchase Information

Text, design, logos, and Orrleth ©2014, Thomas MClellan; all rights reserved.


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