Interview with Author Thomas McClellan, Part Two


Author Thomas McClellan

Please join in the conversation with Part Two of an interview series with Thomas McClellan, author of Orrleth, Volume One of the Young Adult Fantasy Paranormal Adventure Series, Orrleth.

Book-specific Questions:

What is the role of the Four Kings, in terms of hierarchy, purpose, and/or influence?

Thomas McClellan: The Four Kings are supposed to stand for the four pillars of the world, including the four basic cardinal directions.  Each has their own quadrant of the planet, but the four together are united as one in purpose for the sacred cause of protecting all of Orrleth.  Compared to the traditional notion of a king, the Four Kings of Orrleth differ only slightly.  The rights and responsibilities resemble traditional notions, but the Four Kings are chosen by quality of character, not strictly by birthright alone.

Which character was the easiest to craft, and why?

TM: Tyrus Savage was by far the easiest character to craft, seeing as he was based on many of my own emotions, ideals, and thought processes to the best of my ability without completely driving readers away from the book.  [Laughs]  His balance of neuroticism, calm, and rage stem from yours truly.  There is very little else to say on the matter, since I have already revealed the inner workings of my mind through the actions of Tyrus.

Out of all the weapons and/or gifts that your characters possess or acquire in Orrleth, which would you like to have, personally?

TM: Out of all the curious and magical devices and things in Orrleth, I would definitely have to grab Frostsinger if I had the chance.  A frozen blade of purest white, light and biting as the winter air, and filled with the intelligence of song—I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather want, especially with what comes bound to the sword.  Even so, there is more to Frostsinger than has been revealed.  The aesthetics and properties are just the beginning.

book_cover_purple_background_square_graphic_fantasy_paranormal_adventureAuthor-specific Questions:

How long have you wanted to be a writer?

TM: I never wanted to be a writer until about two years ago, when I had my dream that set the foundation for the Orrleth universe.  Writing was always enjoyable for me, but I never envisioned myself to do anything with it past graduation.  Let’s just say that a lot can change when you find a new passion.

Any tips you’d like to share with aspiring writers?

TM: I think that the most important thing to learn is that if you want to be an author, don’t dabble in it.  If you want something to be published, you don’t write here and there as you please.  Make a schedule with set quota for the day and stick to it.  Sporadic, infrequent progress isn’t real progress.  Continued endeavors will yield a complete work in a more timely manner.  For example, I had a bare minimum of 1,000 words a day.  If things weren’t going the best, I would stop there, but if it was a really good day, I would write until I needed sleep.  If you want to write, make room for it and let it consume you.


Please post/send me some questions for following interviews.  There are copious amounts of secrets in the world of Orrleth.  Suspicions often lead to truth.

Thomas McClellan, Author of Orrleth

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