Orrleth Series

Orrleth is a Fantasy Series written by American Author, Thomas McClellan.

Volume One, Orrleth, First Edition, was published April 3, 2014.
Volume One, Orrleth, Revised, Second Edition, was published September 12, 2016.

Volume Two, Orrleth: Burning Cold, was published April 8, 2015.
Volume Three, Orrleth: Ghost in the Field, was published December 31, 2015.

ghost_in_the_field_cover2_flattened_cropped_5_5x8_5_23nov2015Synopsis of Orrleth: Ghost in the Field, Volume Three:

Snow falls, but it is not without blood in Book Three of the Orrleth Series.

Left for dead and the woman he loves gone, Tyrus must cast away the unnecessary and unworthy aspects of himself in order to pursue his goals without hindrance. Changing his view of happiness and forging new alliances, he travels the globe in search of a way back to his friends and family.

Subject to the violently beautiful nature and elements of the uncharted planet, the First King awakens within himself his latent abilities lost in days long past, learning of the true scope of his existence. Frostsinger at his side, he delves into its secrets and converses with the sacred blade, finding new power to topple those who impede his ambitions.

Refining himself into one more fit for the responsibilities thrust upon him, the eldest Savage son carves his way back to the Academy, finding that he was not alone in hardship. The members of the Lost Pack reunited through trial and stronger than ever, they set out for Orrleth Castle and the main root of the world’s decay—Tenrael Krassden. As our band of unlikely alliances wars against the Luemin and its head, darker forces coalesce in the shadows and the blackest of mysteries begin coming to light.

Each turn of events more trying of his conviction than the last, Tyrus learns that though we are all finite, our potential is just the opposite.

“If I am the only one left to see this work through to the end, I will.”


orrleth2_burning_cold_book_cover_copyright_thomas_mcclellan2015Synopsis of Orrleth: Burning Cold, Volume Two:

Winter fast approaches as Tyrus and the rest of the Lost Pack continue their adventures in Book Two of the Orrleth Series, Burning Cold.

The end of the school term draws nigh, but events take a turn for the worse.  Chaos ensues at the Academy as both students and faculty go missing.

Now acquainted with his role to be First King with the magical sword, Frostsinger, Tyrus is swept away from the people and places he has begun to love and accept as his own.  Consigned in battle against foe after foe, he must face them all while fighting against the most dangerous opponent he has encountered thus far—himself.

Placed at a crossroads between the Path of Snow and the Path of Blood, our hero races against the clock to tame the beast within while solving the mystery of the kidnappings.

Impossible?  No.

“I, Tyrus Savage, will right the wrongs of this world.”


orrleth1_second_edition_book_cover_flattened_cropped_vert_1sept2016Synopsis of Orrleth, Volume One:

Driven from their home by pursuers garbed in shroud of night, Tyrus Savage and his younger brothers, Jayce and Caius, are awakened in a distant land by a whimsical girl named Myeu and her band of misfits.  Doubting this questionable alliance and still on the run, they learn to trust one another in order to make sense of the chaos that they have all been thrown into.

Finding their new location to be that of Orrleth, a world far different from their own, the Savage siblings’ limits are tried as they adapt to the dangerous and mystical life forced upon them.

Realizing his own latent capabilities after obtaining the legendary sword, Frostsinger, Tyrus must piece together fragments of a forgotten prophecy, freeing the inhabitants of Orrleth from the bondage of a fallen government, while honing his skills to combat the tests and afflictions that stand between him and his return home.

The Revised, Second Edition of Orrleth includes a BONUS Lexicon, and the Kindle Edition also includes a PREVIEW of Volume Two in the Orrleth Series, Orrleth: Burning Cold.


Copyright 2014–2019 Thomas McClellan; all rights reserved.

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