ghost_in_the_field_cover2_flattened_cropped_5_5x8_5_23nov20155.0 out of 5 starsAn Absolute Must Read Inspirational Adventure Novel!”
on March 1, 2016
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“Definitely the best book so far in the Orrleth series! This book is full of adventure, action and suspense – So much so, it was difficult to put the book down! Tyrus travels around the magical world or Orrleth in search for the rest of the lost pack, and finds new friends along the way. The biggest part of this story is the self-growth of the main character Tyrus and his internal fight to choose the path of Light or Darkness. I was also inspired by the theme to forgive others and to look beyond what appears on the outside, trying to look for the good in everyone! Really inspiring story, definitely lifts your spirits! Absolutely recommend this story to anyone interested in a hearty adventure novel!”


orrleth2_burning_cold_book_cover_copyright_thomas_mcclellan20155.0 out of 5 stars  “Discover yourself as you join Tyrus on his self-discovering journey in the second addition of the Mesmerising Orrleth Series.,” 11 May 2015, By Cascade Gonpory. Verified Purchase

This review is from: Orrleth: Burning Cold: (Orrleth Series Volume 2) (Kindle Edition)

Book 2 of the Orrleth Series, and it’s just as good as the first! This time, without giving out too much, we continue the Journey with Tyrus Savage as he faces the most difficult decision yet. Will Tyrus choose to walk the path of Snow or the path of Blood? You’ll also get to learn a little more about some of the characters from Book 1 and it’ll shed some new light and give the story a brand new direction.

Just like book 1, the reader is sucked into the magical and mysterious world of Orrleth. Thomas McClellan’s writing technique and description is unlike any i’ve read before. I could not put this book down! I went and read book 1 again straight after finishing this!

Burning cold is a little more violent then book one. There is a part in the book that is pretty gnarly, but an absolutely fantastic read nonetheless! I highly suggest reading this book!”


orrleth_book_front_cropped_28mar2014Aug 03, 2014 Alison rated it 4 stars

“Overall, this was a great book! It was interesting to learn about this new world along with the main character. That made it very different from other fantasy books I’ve read where so much knowledge is present from the start. I appreciated the depth of description and originality in the landscape and outfits that really helped flesh out the culture of Orrleth.”The characters were distinct and relatable. Sometimes it did feel like the Tyrus instinctively knew too much about other characters immediately after meeting them. Gradual character development would have been more natural, but I guess it did lend to his innate abilities that are realized throughout the story. Each character was different, but equally important to the plot. I don’t often like reading the thoughts of the narrator (Tyrus in this case), but it worked in this book. It helped the reader to learn more about Tyrus’s personality since he seemed to do more thinking and listening than talking.”At the end of the book, there are still unsolved mysteries and still so much to learn about Orrleth that really makes me want to have the next book. This was an awesome and original plot and I can’t wait for the sequel!”


orrleth_book_front_cropped_28mar2014July 26, 2014 Bree Hodges rated it 4 stars
“great, fun read :)”





10 April 2015 Cascade Gonpory Rated it 5.0 Stars (from
Orrleth: (Orrleth Series Volume 1) (Kindle Edition)
I was sucked into the world of Orrleth too, and i absolutely loved every page of the journey!
“Absolutely LOVE this Book. Honestly, not much of a reader, but this book completely sucked me in. Through the wonderful descriptions of the surroundings, the characters, their emotions and their interactions, i could easily imagine what was going on around me and actually felt i was in the world of Orrleth with Tyrus. Really creative story line, it’s fresh and doesn’t feel like i’ve heard it before, which is really rare these days! Really exciting story and great for all ages. Throughout the book, i came a cross a few words that were new to me, so this book has really helped expand my vocabulary too! I guess to sum up everything, this story has re-kindled my love for reading!!! I can’t put it down 😀 I definitely suggest checking this book out, and look forward to an exciting journey with Tyrus, his brothers and new friends!!! (Keep an eye out for Gaobao… So mysterious!)”

May 11, 2014

“_O_O_O_” rated it 4.0 stars  (from
“Action, Humor, and Delight”