Orrleth: Burning Cold

Review of Orrleth: Burning Cold

orrleth2_burning_cold_book_cover_copyright_thomas_mcclellan2015From AMAZON.COM and AMAZON.COM.AU: 5.0 out of 5 stars
“Discover yourself as you join Tyrus on his self-discovering journey in the second addition of the Mesmerising Orrleth Series.,”
11 May 2015, By Cascade Gonpory
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This review is from: Orrleth: Burning Cold: (Orrleth Series Volume 2) (Kindle Edition)

“Book 2 of the Orrleth Series, and it’s just as good as the first! This time, without giving out too much, we continue the Journey with Tyrus Savage as he faces the most difficult decision yet. Will Tyrus choose to walk the path of Snow or the path of Blood? You’ll also get to learn a little more about some of the characters from Book 1 and it’ll shed some new light and give the story a brand new direction.

“Just like book 1, the reader is sucked into the magical and mysterious world of Orrleth. Thomas McClellan’s writing technique and description is unlike any i’ve read before. I could not put this book down! I went and read book 1 again straight after finishing this!

“Burning cold is a little more violent then book one. There is a part in the book that is pretty gnarly, but an absolutely fantastic read nonetheless! I highly suggest reading this book!”

Countdown to Orrleth: Burning Cold

Proof copies arrived! Countdown to the launch of Book Two in the Orrleth Fantasy Series, Orrleth: Burning Cold in April…

Copyright 2015 Thomas McClellan; all rights reserved.

Copyright 2015 Thomas McClellan; all rights reserved.

© 2015 Thomas McClellan; all rights reserved.

© 2015 Thomas McClellan; all rights reserved.

thomas_headshot_light_2x2American Author of the Fantasy Adventure Series, Orrleth, Thomas McClellan was born in San Jose, California.  A resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, he has lived in many parts of the U.S., as well as volunteered abroad for two years in the Nagoya region of Japan.  Thomas is currently working on his next novel in the Orrleth Series.  For book information, updates, and media inquiries, visit our Orrleth Series,  Media, Buy Books, or Contact pages, as well as Follow the Author on Facebook, Goodreads, and his Amazon Author Page.