Review: Orrleth: Ghost in the Field, Book 3 in the Orrleth Series

ghost_in_the_field_cover2_flattened_cropped_5_5x8_5_23nov20155.0 out of 5 stars on and
An Absolute Must Read Inspirational Adventure Novel!”
on March 1, 2016
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“Definitely the best book so far in the Orrleth series! This book is full of adventure, action and suspense – So much so, it was difficult to put the book down! Tyrus travels around the magical world or Orrleth in search for the rest of the lost pack, and finds new friends along the way. The biggest part of this story is the self-growth of the main character Tyrus and his internal fight to choose the path of Light or Darkness. I was also inspired by the theme to forgive others and to look beyond what appears on the outside, trying to look for the good in everyone! Really inspiring story, definitely lifts your spirits! Absolutely recommend this story to anyone interested in a hearty adventure novel!”

thomas_headshot_light_2x2American Author of the Fantasy Adventure Series, Orrleth, Thomas McClellan was born in San Jose, California.  A resident of Hawaii, he has lived in many parts of the U.S., as well as volunteered abroad for two years in the Nagoya region of Japan.  Thomas is currently working on his next novel in the Orrleth Series.  For book information, updates, and media inquiries, visit our Orrleth Series,  Media, Buy Books, or Contact pages, as well as Follow the Author on Facebook, Goodreads, and his Amazon Author Page.

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