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Interview with Author Thomas McClellan, Part Three

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlease join in the conversation with Part Three of an interview series with Thomas McClellan, author of Orrleth, Volume One of the Young Adult Fantasy Paranormal Adventure Series, Orrleth.

The Fnir are such an adorable respite in the story; they possess a hidden quality.  Is there a deeper meaning for them as characters than one would notice at first glance?

Thomas McClellan: The Fnir are, as mentioned, a respite from the chaos and darkness of Orrleth.  No longer in possession of a physical body, their spirits continue to live on in the snowy mountains.  A true cause cannot be stifled with death alone, and the grave ends nothing. 

Every Fiction Author digs into their own reality in creating a story.  Is there something you’d share from your own world that made it into Orrleth?

TM: I drew many things from my own world and put them into that of Orrleth, but the most robust would be that of the brotherhood within the Lost Pack.  Taking experiences and stories from life with my own brothers, I carefully recreated it all in another world.  The petty bickering and unique terminology to the powerful bond of family—all of it is written at least in part throughout the book.  My own family is already interesting enough, so very little tweaking was needed to provide readers with a cast that would entertain in some sense of the word. 

Any hints on what comes next in Book Two?

TM: As mentioned earlier, Lospeck becomes more a person of interest in Book Two, though I might be getting ahead of myself.  Either way, much of what is to come deals with Tyrus Savage, Myeu Ansi, and the two’s relationship.  Tyrus must choose between many paths, and his trust in Myeu will be brought into question.  The second book will be the crux of their love and a test of Tyrus’ devotion. 

fnir_cellphone_case_smHow many volumes do you anticipate/estimate will be in the Orrleth Series?

TM: I originally intended for there to be only four books in the Orrleth series, but as I was writing the second book, I realized that what I had hoped to be one book was far too long.  Rather than trying to mash the two major climaxes between the same covers, I decided to make the stories into books of their own.  As of now, I intend for there to be five books, but the same issue could present itself again in future works, so nothing is for sure. 


You’re invited to post/send me questions about the book, or my writing process for following sessions.  There are copious amounts of secrets in the world of Orrleth.  Suspicions often lead to truth.

Thomas McClellan, Author of Orrleth

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